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Certified Foreign National Employment

With the growth of opportunities in the present world, more and more foreign nationals are immigrating to the U.S. in search of a better future. In this context, the discourses and knowledge of employment law offer rationally persuasive insights, thus allowing you to understand the rights of foreign nationals.

Understanding and knowledge of immigration law offer you the foundation to represent foreign nationals who have employment issues and other matters to resolve. 


This Certified Foreign National Employment Specialist Program offered by Siotoh Academy examines the process by which a United States employer may recruit a foreign national temporarily or permanently through employment sponsorship. This self-paced advance course offers instructions essential in the employment of foreign nationals.

This advanced program offers an outstanding curriculum designed for the people who want to attain comprehensive education in employment immigration law.

What Foreign National Employment Specialist Program Offers You?

Siotoh Academy’s self-paced online program combines focus on the understanding of the employment of foreign nationals with lessons on how to deal with backlog challenges in employment-based immigration. The modules cover from the basics of foreign nationals’ employment to the type of visas and franchising process, as well as substantive topics covering each area of employment-based immigration.
    • This course introduces students to business and employment-based immigration. It provides students with a complete understanding of the employment of foreign nationals along with all the required documentation. Students will be required to gain an understanding of the business immigration and the preference categories for employment-based immigration.
    • The course analyses the legal process and eligibility requirements applicable to both the employer and the foreign national. It addresses the concept of labor certification and PERM, Form I-140, and adjustment status based on employment sponsorship.
    • The course also teaches the basic framework for franchising and immigration. Students will learn the visa options available for a franchisee or a franchisor.
    • Students will learn the various types of visas under which employment-based immigration can be applied. You will get to learn how to determine what visa fits the client’s immigration goals.
    • Students will learn the legal framework to enable foreign nationals to find the best franchise investment that will allow them to invest in the United States and obtain an investor visa.
  • Students will become familiar with the concept of franchising and how it is used in immigration law. The course addresses the type of investment that qualifies based on immigrants’ profile, and explain the process of finding and buying a franchise for immigration purposes.

Enhance Your Knowledge through Interactive Online Education 

Siotoh Academy understands that you have a busy schedule and that you are looking for an advanced program that will fit into your lifestyle.

Siotoh Academy offers online delivery of the foreign national employment specialist course. Once a student is registered, you only need a personal computer with internet access. You can access the eLearning platform from anywhere in the world, 24/7, via the internet. To maintain privacy and security, each student is provided with a username and password. 

Daily Starts

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Tuition for Certified Foreign National Employment Specialist Program includes 24/7 access to Siotoh Academy interactive online classroom. 

Total Tuition: $ 999 (Books & other reading materials are not included in the tuition)

The Certified Foreign National Employment Specialist Program is designed as a 9-week Certification Program designed for persons who wish to advance their careers in immigration law. Graduates of this program will have comprehensive knowledge regarding the employment of foreign nationals and will be able to help individuals and companies in various phases of the immigration process.

At the end of the course, students will be tested on a practical approach based on what they learned.

Program Objectives

  • Understand employment-based immigration
  • Learn various types of EB-1 Visas 
  • Learn about EB-2 and NIW (National Interest Waiver) Immigrant visas 
  • Know what forms and documents are required for the EB-2 and NIW visas 
  • Understand Labor Certification (PERM)
  • Learn about franchising and immigration 
  • Attain expertise to grow professionally.

Professional Outcomes

Immigration law can affect a single individual as well as a large company. Most of the legal and paralegal staff will encounter clients who need advice in immigration law during their career. It is important to know what the program you are pursuing offers you in your future. Below are some of the professions that you may pursue and the salaries you may earn:

    • Immigrant Assistant/Paralegal Immigration
      Assistants/paralegals may work for government agencies, USCIS, private law firms, or non-profit organizations. Most immigration assistants/paralegals help their clients in their family-based immigration such as becoming legal residents or naturalized citizens. However, some of you may opt to work for government agencies working on immigration matters. This profession may help you earn an average salary of $41,478 a year nationwide and an average of $35,041/year in Florida.

    • Immigration Officer
      Immigration Officers are the agents of USCIS who perform duties including analyzing applications, supporting documents, and petitions. They also conduct interviews of the applicants to assess their credibility and have the power to accept or deny the petitioners. They can also work with lawyers and other agencies. An immigration officer may earn an average salary of $60,500 according to payscale.com and an average of $81,418 per year according to indeed.com

    • Law Office Manager/Administrator
      You can assist attorneys and paralegals as a Law Office Manager/Administrator. You need to provide administrative support in a law office, such as providing assistance to legal staff in a law office, managing schedules, trial dates, & hearing along with communicating with clients. You may earn an average salary of $56,632/year.

  • Foreign National Employment (Immigration Specialist- in house legal unit of a private company or firm)
    Immigration specialists may work with law firms and in-house companies to help foreign nationals in their immigration process. They ensure completion of all paperwork including applications for visas and immigration in a timely manner. As a part of their job, they review the legal status of immigrants, their employment, and the immigration process. They may earn an average salary of $68,624/year according to ziprecruiter.com and $75,504/ year according to salary.com.

Instructors at Siotoh Academy are practicing experienced attorneys with comprehensive knowledge of the subjects they teach.

Martins I. Imudia, President/CEO of Siotoh Academy holds an LLM degree from Tulane University Law School, a JD equivalent degree from Abo Akademi University in Abo, Finland, and a doctorate in business administration from Walden University. He has been practicing immigration and nationality law for 24 years. He is an expert in an extensive range of immigration issues, from labor certification to employment, franchising in immigration, and business visas. He is a regular presenter at the annual International Franchise Expo in New York City.

Course Includes:

$ 999

9 weeks

Self Paced



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