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Certified Law Office Management Specialist.

The law firms or offices are a complex business setting that needs a lot of attention and care to detail for navigating successfully through their work. In order to maintain their edge, law firms need a steady and secure executive hand that can formulate a strategic vision, guide everyone, and build consensus. 

Crafted to accommodate the demand of full-time professionals, Siotoh Academy’s Law Office Management Course offers you with the perspective of the legal services industry. The program prepares you to take up the leadership support for senior partners and prepares you to take up the leadership in the management of the law firm. 


The Certified Law Office Management Specialist Program offered by Siotoh Academy provides you with the foundation knowledge to step into the role of a law office executive. The program is offered online and self-paced allowing you to start anytime convenient to your schedule.

If you are interested in enhancing your career into a law office administration, this certification program is the best option for you. With this advanced course, you will learn the skills related to law. At the end of the course, you will possess strong administrative skills required to manage a law office and its daily functions.  

What Certified Law Office Management Specialist Program Offers You?

The advanced course is designed to immerse students in the complex responsibilities of law firm management. The course will introduce students to the diverse responsibilities for each professional in a law firm and engages the student in the multi-tasking duties of the Management Specialist. As an additional measure, students will learn about practice management software, finances of a law firm, case management, marketing in a law firm, and the technology used in the effective law practice.
  • The law office management program offers the knowledge regarding the organizational structure of the law firm. The first week of the course provides an understanding of the legal representatives in the office, their duties, and the different areas of law.
  • Students will learn about the various aspects of legal administration and its functions. They will gain a complete understanding of the duties and responsibilities of human resources management.
  • Learn about the different hardware and software of legal administration and technology, telecommunication tools, and management programs.
  • The advance program offers an understanding of the client-lawyer relationship, ethics of attorney, and the responsibilities of law office managers towards the lawyer and their office.
  • The program offers a complete understanding of the accounting and financial documentation, client trust fund, and the concept of billing concerning a law firm. Besides it also provides training for docket control and the malpractices related to it.
  • Students will learn about all the marketing strategies and practices involved in law office management. They will understand the ethical rules of online marketing along with knowledge of different marketing channels.

Daily Starts

The program is Self-paced so you can start anytime you want.

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Tuition for Certified Law Office Management Specialist Program includes 24/7 access to Siotoh Academy interactive online classroom.

Total Tuition: $ 985

(Books & other reading materials are not included in the tuition)

The Certified Law Office Management Specialist Program is a self paced 12-week Certification Program designed for persons who wish to advance their careers in law office management. Graduates of this program will have extensive knowledge regarding the administrative responsibilities of the law firm, client-lawyer relations, ethical knowledge, and will be able to supervise law firms efficiently.

At the end of the course, students will be tested on what they have learned through various evaluation processes. 

Program Objectives

  • Learn the Organizational Structures of Law Firm
  • Learn Legal Administration and Technology
  • Know Office Services and Management Programs
  • Ethical Knowledge of Legal and Professional Responsibility
  • Concept of Unauthorized Law Practice
  • Law Office Accounting and Financial Management
  • Traditional and Online Marketing Strategies.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the online law office management course will have excellent knowledge in the administrative responsibilities, and they would possess skills to manage the law firm efficiently. Upon the culmination of the program, you will be better prepared to work in:
  • Law firms
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Immigration consulting firms & practices
Graduates of the law office management program may also work at nonprofit organizations or under an in-house counsel in private companies. They can also work for government agencies in the administration section.

Professional Outcomes

Regardless of your career stage, the certification course adds a valuable skill to enhance your professional future.

Law Office Management Specialist Certificate Program offers you many opportunities to advance your career in legal administrative services. You must know the professional aspects of your career after the culmination of the course.

Law office managers have one of the most demanding jobs. They manage the work of offices full of lawyers, legal secretaries, and paralegals. The Law office manager supervises the technical, administrative, and legal support teams. They are expected to work as a task –assigner, scheduler, policy enforcer, case organizer, and much more. Their main duties comprise of day to day operational decisions and hiring. Law office managers may work for law firms, government, and non-government organizations and non-profit organizations. 

Instructors at Siotoh Academy are practicing experienced attorneys with in-depth knowledge of the subjects they guide.

Martins I. Imudia, President/CEO of Siotoh Academy is an LLM degree holder from Tulane University Law School and a JD equivalent degree holder from Abo Akademi University in Abo, Finland, along with a doctorate in business administration from Walden University. He has more than 24 years of experience in the practice of law, particularly law office management – as a senior partner for over 20 years.


Course Includes:


12 weeks

Self Paced



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