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The SAT is an important test used by universities and colleges across the United States while determining college admissions. Our SAT prep courses are a distinguished way for students to learn new materials while refreshing their knowledge on multiple topics. They will help students become more comfortable taking the SAT by offering strategies and other test-taking tips. The more comfortable the students are with concepts and material, the better they will perform in the SAT. 

This course is designed to assist students in mastering the SAT through online preparation. It includes multiple practice tests that we have created based on the information released by the College Board. 

We have also rigorously analyzed available tests, and our content development team has tirelessly worked to ensure that our materialsaccurately reflects what you will see in terms of design, structure, style, and, most importantly, content on test day. It also contains the optional essay section.

Siotoh Academy’s SAT Math, Reading & Writing Prep Course is entirely online and self-paced. We offer study plans to our students, so the course being self-paced should not stress students. 

About SAT Test

The SAT is offered typically in October through January and in March, May, June, and August each year. The test comprises of a Math section and combined Reading & Writing section each scored out of 800 points. The optional essay section is graded separately.

The format of the test emphasizes the context of scientific reasoning, vocabulary, and ability to create logical arguments in the reading section. For the writing section, the test evaluates punctuation and grammatical skills, and the logic behind your ideas. Data analysis skills and real-world problem-solving skills are crucial for the SAT math section.

All the section of the SAT work together to evaluate two main things,

  • whatever you have learned in your high school
  • what skill it takes to succeed in college academics and your career ahead


Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

The SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section comprises of 2 tests that are evaluated differently but related knowledge and skills. The Reading Test measures your ability on how well you understand what you read, whereas the Writing and Language Test wants you to revise and edit text.

The Reading Test contains a total of 52 multiple choice questions based on passage reading, which you have to complete in 65 minutes. The reading questions often include references to direct you to the relevant parts of the passages.

In the reading test, you will read the passages and interpret information from the graphics and use them to answer the questions. You need to have a complete understanding of the author’s words and implied graphics data.

Reading test includes passages of about 500 to 700 words with varying complexities. You will analyze, synthesize, and interpret data from charts, tables, graphs, and multi-paragraph passages in the areas including:

  • Literature (classic or contemporary)
  • The humanities
  • History and social studies
  • Science
  • Work and career

The SAT reading test focuses on the command of evidence. During the reading test for every passage, you will see at least one question that will ask you to identify which part of the text supports the answer in the best possible way. In other instances, you need to find out the solution based on the information conveyed in graphics and words.

The SAT Writing and Language Test requires you to improve passages that were written primarily for the exam with deliberate errors. It contains a total of 44 passage-based multiple choice questions which are needed to be completed in the allotted time of 35 minutes. During writing tests, you will be asked to do things people do all the time when they edit i.e. read, find errors and weaknesses, and fix them up. The SAT here ensures that you follow the standard conventions of English grammar, usage, and punctuation.

Besides, the SAT checks your ability to express your ideas. It may ask you about topic development, organization, and use of language for the given passage.


The SAT Math Test includes math practices, modeling, emphasizing problem-solving, and using algebraic structure. The questions measure your ability to solve problems and use tools strategically with appropriate approaches.

The test includes a total of 58 questions. 20 are from the no-calculator section (25 minutes) and 38 from the calculator section (55 minutes). These questions consist of 45 multiple choice questions and 13 student-produced responses.

The SAT includes math that matters the most. It focuses on essential areas of math:

  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis: includes the use of percentages, ration, and proportion for problem-solving in social science, science, and career contexts
  • Heart of Algebra: includes linear equations and systems for the development of powers of abstraction
  • Passport to Advanced Math: includes complex equations and the manipulations they need

Throughout the SAT the questions asked will be grounded in the real world and relatable to your work requirements in college and career beyond. 


The SAT essay is optional. It is a lot like a college writing assignment that needs an analysis of how the author uses reasoning and evidence to craft a persuasive argument. It demonstrates to the college that you are capable enough to read, analyze, and write at the college level.

Course Structure

The SAT Prep Online Course is an 8- week course that is divided into Reading, Writing & Language, Math, and Additional Topics. This online course is designed to provide an understanding of the exam structure, objectives, test-taking strategies, learning outcomes, duration of the test, how the assessment is done, and scores.

Download the syllabus here.

What will you learn at the end of the Online SAT Prep Program?

How to prepare for each section of the SAT Test
  • Concepts, Exam structure, Scoring methodology
  • Key strategies that can be applied to different topics
  • Tips to take the test
  • Time-management skills
  • Vocabulary building
  • Literary analysis
  • Sentence Clarity and Structure
  • Literary terms
  • Revising and Supporting Your Writing
  • How to Write an Argument
  • Test-day tips

Daily Starts

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Tuition for the SAT Math Prep Program includes 24/7 access to Siotoh Academy interactive online classroom.

Total Tuition: $325 (Books & other reading materials are not included in the tuition)

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