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The SAT exam is an assessment of the critical thinking skills you will need for academic success in college. It measures your ability to analyze and solve problems. The SAT checks how well you can use skills that you have learned in school that you require to get through college successfully. Typically, the SAT is taken by high school juniors and seniors. 

This course is designed by Siotoh Academy to assist students in mastering the SAT Reading and Writing test through online preparation. It includes multiple practice tests that we have created based on the information provided by the College Board. 

We have also rigorously analyzed available tests. Our content development team has tirelessly worked to ensure that our material accurately reflects what you will see in terms of design, structure, style, and, most importantly, content on test day.

Upon completion of our SAT Reading and Writing Prep Online Course, students will have an understanding of the structure of these sections, hold on grammar, writing skills, test-taking strategies, time management, and how to handle tricky or difficult questions.

About SAT Reading Test

Students will encounter questions like those asked in a thoughtful, lively, evidence-based discussion in SAT Reading Test. It focuses on the knowledge and skills at the heart of education, alongside what you have been learning in high school and what you need to succeed in college academically.

SAT Reading Test is about how well you can take in, process, and use the information provided. All questions are passage-based and in the multiple-choice format. You will get passages paired with other passages—questions based on informational graphics such as charts, tables, and graphs where no math is required.

You will need to apply your reading skills in all subjects to succeed in college and in your career. These are the skills required to do well on the SAT Reading test.

The SAT Reading Test includes:

  • A passage from work on literature
  • A passage or two regarding the text in the Great Global Conversation or U.S. founding document
  • Selection about psychology, sociology, economics, or any other social science
  • Passages on foundational concepts or developments in biology, chemistry, physics, or Earth science.

What Reading Test Evaluates

The reading test measures a range of skills. It takes a lot more than you might realize in reading.
  • Command of evidence
  • Words in Context
  • Ability to use context clues to figure out which meaning of a phrase or word is being used in a passage
  • Analysis in Social Studies, History and Science- examine the hypothesis, interpret data, consider implications

About SAT Writing Test

You will be asked to be an editor and improve passages that have deliberate errors.

While taking the SAT Writing and Language test, you need to perform three things that people do when they write and edit:

  • –  Read
  • –  Find mistakes or errors
  • –  Fix them

Every time you proofread your work, you do all these things. They are the essential practical skills one needs to spot or correct problems, the kind of stuff you have been learning in high school, and the same is also required to succeed in college.

Prior topic knowledge is never tested in the SAT Writing Test. All questions are based on passages with multiple choices. You will need to look closely at every sentence to answer some questions. Others require you to read the entire passage and interpret the graphic.

What the Writing and Language Test Measures

The SAT Writing Test measures the following skills:
  • Tests command of evidence
  • Ability to use words in context
  • Analysis in History/Social Studies and Science
  • Standard English conventions
  • Expression of ideas

Course Structure

The SAT Reading and Writing Prep Online Course is a 3- week course that is divided into 3 Modules in total. The Reading part has two modules, and the Writing part has just one module. This online course is designed to provide an understanding of the exam structure, test-taking strategies, objectives, learning outcomes, duration of the test, and how the assessment is done.

Week 1

Students will be introduced to the objectives of the new SAT, how is it different from the old one, and how the scores are calculated. You will get the knowledge of the format, timing, scoring, and exam structure. The course will also provide you options with the scholarship opportunities and your future study plans.

Module 1 of SAT Reading will begin in the first week, including the following topics:

  • Central Idea and Evidence
  • Author’s Purpose and Perspective, Word Choice and Word in Context
  • Synthesis and Paired Passages

Week 2

Module 2 of SAT Reading begins in the second week of the course. It includes the following topics:

  • Analyzing Quantitative Texts For The Reading Test
  • Determining How Text Structures Affect Meaning
  • Understanding Relationships In A Text
  • Putting It All Together

Module 3 includes Writing and Languages, according to the SAT exam structure. It includes;

  • Development and Evidence
  • Organization
  • Quantitative Information
  • Expression of Ideas/Language Use
  • Standard English Conventions: Sentence Formation
  • Conventions of Usage
  • Conventions/Punctuation
  • Putting It Altogether

Week 3

This week includes evidence-based reading and writing mock exams for the new SAT. It also consists of the general mock test for New SAT Exam.

What will you learn at the end of the Online SAT Reading & Writing Prep Program?

  • How to prepare for each section of SAT Reading and Writing Test
  • Concepts, Exam structure, Scoring methodology
  • Tips to take the test
  • Key strategies that can be applied to different topics
  • Time-management skills
  • Vocabulary building
  • Literary analysis
  • Sentence Clarity and Structure
  • Literary terms
  • How to Write an Argument
  • Revising and Supporting Your Writing
  • Test-day tips

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Tuition for the SAT Reading & Writing Prep Course includes 24/7 access to Siotoh Academy interactive online classroom. 

Total Tuition: $ 185 (Books & other reading materials are not included in the tuition)

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